Horse Business

To run or work in a horse company often means you have to work more than 60 hours a week without any overtime payment. The work is also very heavy and struggling on the body. It’s also a high risk occupation and the statistics shows a very high risk for working related injuries even though most of the injuries are not reported. And in the end many horse businesses are struggling with the economy.

If you work in a stable you need to be able to handle many different working situations. Minimum of skills needed, accept the felling for horses, is: practical, not dear hard physical work, sleep deprivation, self-running, taking responsible, solving problems and take care of customers. Anna has made several research studies over different working situations that exist in the riding and trotting stables and checked the time needed to perform them. Calculations and suggestions have been developed to minimize the time needed for the most improductive and physical heavy working situations. The result is better working conditions, high- performance horses and much better economy.