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What Is Ethereum’s London Hard Fork? Why Should You Care?

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london hard fork

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london hard fork

Get whitepaper links and detailed information on the tokens listed on our platform. The fork brings about five key changes to the network, of which the most notable is EIP-1559.


If not otherwise explicitly mentioned in the body of the article, at the time of writing, the author has no position in any stock mentioned in this article and no business relationship with any company mentioned. The author has not received compensation for writing this article, other than from FXStreet. The deflationary effect of EIP-1559’s implementation fuels ”The Ethereum Triple Halving” narrative, which sets a target of $150,000 for Ether’s price. The narrative implies that the negative issuance of Ether is likely to increase until ”The Merge” or migration to PoS is complete.

Why is ETH being burned?

Ethereum started burning ETH after EIP-1559 was introduced on August 5. The mechanism removes about $30 million ETH from circulation each day by sending it to a defunct address. This replaces the previous method of paying ETH to miners for validating transactions.

Along with the hard fork rollout, the user base should consider their next move. For those who simply hold ETH in an exchange, web wallet, or hardware wallet, nothing changes unless otherwise directed by the given operator. This slump in gas prices appeared not too long after the Berlin hard fork. This EIP delays the “ice age,” more formally referred to as the difficulty bomb. This gives miners more time before the freeze of mining during the final transition from POW to POS.

What Is London Hard Fork Update & How It Will Change Ethereum Forever?

This is the same kind of protocol used to secure the Bitcoin blockchain. In contrast, PoS is based on users “staking” a cryptocurrency by depositing it in order to become a validator and thereafter deriving income by getting rewarded for being a good validator. The series of EIP upgrades require miners and nodes to update their software in order to keep interacting with Ethereum’s blockchain. Since the upgrade is not backward-compatible, it is known as a ‘hard fork’ — if a node doesn’t upgrade its blockchain, it can no longer be a part of the network. The London upgrade introduced EIP-1559, which is a set of Ethereum improvement protocols that will reform the transaction fee market, along with changes to how gas refunds are handled.

Quite simply, this EIP allows for the deployment of new smart contracts, which begin with the 0xEF byte. As with previous upgrades, the London hard fork includes a series of Ethereum Improvement Proposals, otherwise referred to as EIPs. The upcoming Ethereum London hard fork is expected at the beginning of August. Here is everything you need to know to understand what this update brings to the network and why some in the community are skeptical. Get smarter with context and commentary on the week’s top blockchain & crypto trends in Asia. Cryptocurrency prices overall have been on the ascent again, but Ben Caselin head of research for AAX exchange sees a lot of positivity in Ethereum’s price movements.

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While in theory, this means that twice the number of transactions can happen in each block, the upgrade has actually been designed so that the protocol only wants the block to be half full. This is meant to help smooth out spikes in demand, helping gas fees to stay stable. ”Fifteen-fifty-nine is really meant to create an ecosystem that encourages lower gas fees,” said Auston Bunsen, co-founder and CTO of QuikNode, which provides blockchain infrastructure to developers and companies. hard fork Even though the ethereum blockchain gets makeovers all the time — for those keeping track, this marks hard fork #11 — the ”London” upgrade is a game changer, according to experts. The base fee is the minimum cost needed for each transaction on Ethereum to be added to the next block. The fee for each transaction will change according to the network’s capacity. Furthermore, Ethereum block sizes can now double to 25 million units in accordance with the network demand.

london hard fork

EIPs 1559, 3554, 3529, 3198 and 3541 are code upgrades that aim to improve the Ethereum network’s user experience, value proposition and more. Still, the upgrade is important since it has the potential to improve Ethereum’s user experience and may boost the price of ether. They are called EIPs for short, and each puts forth a set of changes to the code. The narrative surround ETH’s deflationary pressure has also given the asset bullish momentum in recent weeks.

Miners To Make Less

This reduction may potentially lead to a decrease in the profits that miners make. Some argue that only the largest miners with the lowest energy costs will be able to operate at a profit.

  • The primary objectives of London are to make the network more scalable and to stabilize transaction fees.
  • ETH saw low prices that hovered close to $1,559 in the lead up to the London upgrade.
  • The “London” Upgrade (named for the location of one of Ethereum’s biggest developer conferences) is part of a more significant transition on the road to Ethereum 2.0.
  • Unlike traditional contracts, written in human languages, these smart contracts are written in codes that a computer can execute.
  • Privacy is Orchid’s mission—the team is continuously working to ensure that users can explore the Internet freely.

EIP-1559 changes how transaction fees work on the Ethereum blockchain in two ways. However, as Ethereum has become more popular, it has faced its share of growing pains. High gas fees and limited scalability, in particular, have restricted the network’s growth. Now, a complete overhaul of Ethereum—a network-wide upgrade known as Ethereum 2.0, or Eth2.0—is reshaping the dynamics of the network altogether, with important implications for the entire ecosystem. Ethereum has garnered a reputation as the most popular blockchain network for decentralized application development. The network has the most dApps and the largest community of developers.

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Then, miners, exchanges, and other major apps that are built on it need to decide if they want to a part of the new version of Ethereum or the original. First, it adds a base fee to every transaction that takes place on the Ethereum blockchain, including all Ethereum and ERC20 transactions.

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Before the London hard fork, transaction costs were determined through an auction mechanism. When users were preparing to send a transaction, they would ”bid” the maximum amount they were willing to pay for a miner to execute it. Seeking the highest possible profit, miners would then select the most expensive transactions.

Ethereum Has Implemented One Of Its Most Anticipated Network Upgrades As Eip

Another big feature of the EIP-1559 upgrade is that it is designed to reduce the number of Ether coins in circulating at any given time. This could potentially result in higher prices, assuming the demand remains constant. This upgrade will make Ether a deflationary cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, whose supply has already been limited at 21 million coins. One of them is that it should help make transaction fees a little bit more predictable for those who use the Ethereum blockchain.

Even though it may look like miners are being robbed of those extra earning due to base fee burning, it will eventually be more beneficial. Well because with Less ETH in circulation the value of the ETH they will hold will be more, due to supply shock.

Forks are usually times of great uncertainty for a cryptocurrency and its community. However, Ethereum is in a better place than most to roll out these changes in controllable ways. Switching protocols is a lot to get used to, but it isn’t going to break the blockchain. Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart has recently suffered a hack, with an estimated $200 million in losses as a result.

  • But in reality, this upgrade doesn’t really make Ether a deflationary asset, it just reduces the rate it’s currently inflating at.
  • All stakeholders of the Ethereum network will be affected by EIP 1559 to some degree.
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  • So far, news of the successful upgrade has coincided with a runup in the price of ether, the native token of ethereum’s blockchain.
  • Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart has recently suffered a hack, with an estimated $200 million in losses as a result.
  • One looming threat for Ethereum miners comes in the form of a “difficulty time bomb” that will essentially make new ETH ridiculously hard to find — so much so that there won’t be a financial incentive.

The update implements several changes to the blockchain called Ethereum Improvement Proposals, including EIP-3198, EIP-3529, EIP-3541, and EIP-3554. Most notably, though, it’s the EIP-1559 update that’s garnered the most support from the community. Despite the delays, this complete renovation of the system will bring about the ability to compute a higher amount of transactions per second and the possibility to reduce gas fees. Like any other capped asset or commodity, restricted supply generally leads to higher prices. Accordingly, for investors, this is an update that has been highly anticipated for some time.

london hard fork

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